Light is necessary in a room or a house. Light is needed when reading, writing, cooking and working. Lights and lumps are used to distribute light across a room and some can be directed at a particular spot. LED downights should be carefully selected to avoid or prevent any eye damage and provide efficient reading and writing. Some people prefer reading while sitting or lying on the bed for comfort. These lights are used by students to study but they can also be used by any individual who like reading before going to sleep. The lights provide enough light for the user to read or write comfortably without any strains.

Bed reading light should provide enough light needed when reading without damaging individuals’ eyesight. These lights are manufactured in many designs, colours, sizes and shapes. Most reading lights are wall mounted while others are placed beside the bed and others are headboard mounted. Bed reading light should be adjustable and should be movable to suit the users comfort.

Some bed reading lights are solar charged while others are directly connected to electricity. These lights are made to fit in different spaces therefore when choosing a bed reading light or lamp consider the available space. These lights and lamps are selected depending on the theme in the room and also on the users taste and comfort.

A 3W Fully Adjustable Bed reading light Headboard Mount and the 3W GU1O Gooseneck Reading Light Wall mount are among the bed reading lights that are used for bed reading. The 3W GU10 Gooseneck Light Wall Mount bed reading light is fully adjustable, provides a soft daylight light and it is cord covered.

Bed reading lights are available in lamp shops or departmental stores and they are easy to install. They vary in price depending on the quality of the light.

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